Daryn Weatherman on Choosing the Best Exterior Security Door

The primary reason why homeowners purchase security doors is because they are trying to provide their families with an extra level of protection.  Daryn Weatherman recommends that you choose an exterior security door that features durability and strength.  These two factors will help prevent an intruder from gaining entry into your home through the use of many common burglary tools.  These doors are also more likely to cause damage to the intruder before the intruder can damage the door.  Daryn Weatherman, owner of St. Charles Glass and Glazing has the following tips for choosing the best exterior security door for your home.

The first thing that you should take into consideration when choosing an exterior door for your home are the materials that the door is made from; the most reliable and effective doors are often made from fiberglass or steel.  While many homeowners believe that would is just as effective, Daryn notes that wood doors are easier to damage and allow thieves to get into your home.  Steel based doors are more effective because they cannot be breached with common burglary tools.  If you believe that your home would look more appealing with a wood door, there are some options available to you.  Many manufacturers have created security doors that look like wood but offer you the protection of steel.

If you are choosing an exterior door that features glass panels, the experts at St. Charles Glass and Glazing recommend that you choose a model in which the glass panels will not compromise your level of security.  You should carefully look at the glass panels in the door and determine whether or not they are not placed too closely to locks or other hardware that can be damaged and allow entry into your home.  If the glass panels in the door you are interested in are too close to locks or if the glass is not of sufficient quality, a burglar can easily break the glass and gain access to the locks and your home.

Daryn Weatherman suggests that homeowners choose exterior security doors in which the glass panels are strategically placed to minimize the threat of a break in.  You should look for a door in which the glass panels are located high on the door or consider a model that features no glass at all.  Choosing an exterior security door for your home is a big decision.  As a homeowner, you want to choose a door that will enhance your home yet be secure.  Homeowners are faced with many different designs and materials to choose from.  If you take into consideration the information provided by Daryn, choosing the right door for your home may become much easier.

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